First Lady Justice on the Alabama Supreme Court  This book is part of the Alabama Roots series and it is refreshing to see a biography about the first lady to be elected as justice on the Alabama Supreme Court. The book spends much time focusing on her childhood spent in rural Alabama where she and her sister would help pick cotton and strawberries. We learn how she first got a job taking dictation and shorthand at a law office in Mobile. And how she so impressed her boss with her legal mind that he suggested she go to law school. We learn how she worked and went to school to get her years of college in so that she could attend law school at the University of Alabama School of Law. And we learn how even though she was such an excellent student, the law firms were reluctant to hire a woman lawyer back in her day, so she faced some challenges. However, the neat detail we learn in the book, is that her summaries of her classes were so popular among the law students that even the bookstore would sell them. And generations of students knew her name because of the summaries. A detail which would come in handy when she ran for the Alabama Supreme Court. Also, it is interesting to note that Justice Shores was considered by President Clinton for a nomination to the United States Supreme Court. The book includes several pictures and primary source material. It is a pleasant read and not too difficult for middle school readers and informative enough for adult readers.

CelticWomanFanPiano, Amazon reviewer